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The founder of Adidas, Adolf Dassler (Adolf Adi Dassler), is a German who has an athlete's identity and a cobbler's skill. BecauseAdidas can fully understand the needs of athletes, Adidas Adidas and sophisticated technology and genius for invention, so in his life, Adidas Adidas invented more than 700 kinds of sports related patents, thus creating a Adidas sports kingdom. After Mr. Dassler began Handmade sports shoes, in 1920, the world's athletes often wearing sneakers made Mr Dassler won in the Olympic Games, his fame gradually so loud in the international arena again.
The pursuit of beauty is human nature, the beauty of women's hearts are particularly high, while running is the best way for women to bloom their own sports beauty. The first Adidas for their sponsorship of the Guangzhou women's marathon on November 6, 2016 charm run, 10000 women runners will share this event. Guangzhou has the reputation of "Flower City", and the exclusive marathon race for women runners is also
Adidas is the initiator of many technological breakthroughs, winning over 700 patents. In Adidas, the birth of the world's first pair of skates, the first pair of multiple screw buckle shoes, the first pair of rubber casting football cleats...... Especially Adidas screw type spike is a very revolutionary concept, people even think that it is the German football team won the 1954 world cup made distinctions won in battle.
Adidas has always stood as a "leader"gesture, standing in the world sporting goods brand camp, and continue to enjoy the success of the ensuing joy. Is the outstanding contributions of such an outstanding sports brand not only to the world of sport, and in his innovation and under the guidance of the development of world sports industry economic and sporting goods industry will show a more exciting.

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